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  1. LONG JUMP: through bodily dialogue the child learns about himself and the surrounding environment, acquiring ever greater confidence in his own abilities and in others.
  2. BALANCE: of all the senses, that of balance is the most essential since it is present in every movement we make. We suggest that our children jump with one foot on the colored circles, or walk with one foot in front of the other on the blue lines.
  3. THROW: we train eye-manual coordination by throwing a bag full of beans on a specific colored circle, chosen before throwing.
  4. SONG: music is of fundamental importance for the development of a child's brain. To sing, both hemispheres of the brain must be activated, performing an intense gymnastics of the mind.

These are just some of the activities that ATHLETIC RUG can offer; use your imagination to conjure all kinds of games you like!

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Dimensioni 195 × 120 cm


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